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A little about us

We're located in the beautiful High Desert of Victorville, CA. Our ranch is a work in progress. Always improving, always getting better, always adding new and fun things for our clients. We have many new things planned for 2023.

We consign horses for people that need help finding their horse a good home. Our consignment fee is 10% for everything. We consign horses, tack, trailers, and more. Monthly board for horses is $350, which includes 3 meals daily. A sales video made and advertisements. We always try to have a generous selection of horses available.

What we Breed

We breed APHA/AQHA, IALHA & PtHA registered horses. Breeding for versatility and temperament in all our horses. No foal is sold without the basic knowledge of haltering, leading, loading in a trailer, standing for the farrier, and standing for baths and grooming.


Every horse that is eligible to be registered, is registered before being sold. We’re upfront and honest when it comes to all horses being sold under our name. Please feel free to do a PPE before the purchase, please note that it’s at buyer expense.

Immediate Need

We are available by Text 9-9 daily



9814 7th St.

Victorville, CA 92392


Riding Lessons

We do riding lessons that are second to none. Made for all ages, from 4-year old's and up. Everything is hands on and up front. We like to create personalized lessons for each person. Our groups are no larger than 2 or 3 people. It’s smarter to have smaller groups so you can actually teach in and not waste their time & money. Our horses are kid safe and have more training in them then any OTTB.

You learn from the ground up everything about saddling and grooming the horse, as well as riding the horse. We have a few programs that we offer to our more eager clients. Lessons are sold individually or as a package for the month. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet.


We have partnered with summer camps to bring some of our horses to them for classes on equine care and riding. 

Our Training Program

Our training program surrounds the horse in natural horsemanship. We allow each horse to learn at their own pace. Each horse is an individual and learns differently than the horse next to them. If you want your horse to learn to be a willing partner and friend, you want them to learn that they don’t need to fear strange things or spook at birds in a bush. We can help you with that. We have 25+ years of hands on knowledge to help your horse out.


Starting the summer of 2022, we will be chipping all our herd, from foals to adults.  Any and all IALHA horse are chipped right after birth.  Including any personal horses that we'd sell.


Consignment horses are excluded from this, unless the owner would like them chipped, then we'd do it for a small fee. 


When purchasing a chipped horse, you will get their chip ID number, along with the info to change over to your information on their site.  It's very easy to do and takes very little effort.  


We want to keep all of our horses safe and out of the wrong hands (like thief's and kill pens. ect)


Included with this chipping, we will freeze brand all our personal stock, even the ones that come in for training can be chipped, except BLM horses.


Double security for every horse. 


We are now allowing people to rent out our 3 horse slant trailer. 



  • 3 horse slant load.

  • 7.3" tall

  • 1,000 lbs empty

  • Has 2, 3,000 lbs axels (can carry 6,000lbs)

  • 2 solid head dividers (they can't see each other)

  • New Electrical & Lights

  • New Tires (Less then 2,000 miles on them)



This trailer may not look like a Featherlite or a bloomer, but it will do what you need to do.  You can put any type of livestock in it that will fit.  We maintain this trailer on a regular basis and always keep up with it.  We know how hard it is to get things moved when you don't have a trailer. The cost of buying one is sometimes not worth the investment.  


We have full requirements before you can take the trailer out on the road.  We keep everything in a file in case you come back.  Our full contract all must be signed as well. If you have any questions please feel free to email us, we will get you set up with a time and date.  

We charge $75 PER DAY

Events & Announcements 2023
Feb 12th
Feb 19th
June 22nd
Aug 6th

Valentines Day Play Day 

10733 Braceo Rd.  Oak Hills, CA 92344

Game day and fun day!

Mojave River Valley Horsemen's Association

Horsemen's Center Park: 24320 Highway 18, Apple Valley, CA 

This show will be halter only.

Fiesta Island Trip

Fiesta Island: 1590 E Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109 

Going for a day of swimming with the horses. Fun an Relaxation!

Mojave River Valley Horsemen's Association

Horsemen's Center Park: 24320 Highway 18, Apple Valley, CA 

This show will be halter only as well.

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