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Queen Pride

Quarter Horse x Rocky Mountain Horse

A bit about Queens Pride: She is known by two other names, Pippin & Daisy Duke. We are calling her Queens Pride Ms. Diva - Diva for short. She was born April 1, 2013. She is in for training and to be a broodmare. Ms. Diva is a Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Cross.


Personality: Diva as we call he is very sweet natured and in your pocket. She has a very good mindset and is wonderful to work with. This mare will go to great lengths to get you where you need to go. Be it the show ring, trail, just simply having fun. This girl is sweet and loving.


Future Training: Once her saddle work is complete she will not only be one of our lesson horses for Viking Ranch. She will be William's mount for The Witcher that he will be doing within the year or so. She will also be one of Will's stunt horses, liberty partner, and his mount for mounted archery. Can't wait for this girl to shine!

Future Breeding Goals: Diva will be used to cross with Xander aka Xavier Dorian Del Bravio, a 2018 IALHA Andalusian Stallion that William owns. Thinking about crossing her with another Rocky Mountain as well then possibly later a gypsy, and a mammoth jack.

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