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JJ Cowgirl Cash

2007 APHA - Homozygous Black & Tobiano

Magic Cash x  Ropin Bandit


UC Davis Tested:


  • a/a

  • E/E

  • Sabino N/N

  • TO/TO

A Bit About Sonny

Sonny is a homozygous Black and Tobiano mare, which means she will never produce a chestnut no matter what. She stands 15 hands which for us is a great height, we don't want them small yet not to bit either. This wonderful mare was fully trained to ride but is cold backed, which means if she sits for to long she will try to buck you off. So we thought that breeding her would give her some purpose in doing something. 


She has a great personality when it comes to her human companions though. She will stand with you everyday and be up your butt as much as she can.  We're kind of hoping her foals are like this as it will make them easy to train. 


We actually wanted this mare, not for her training but for her pedigree and her being homozygous was just icing on the cake.  She'll be one that will stay with us where ever we go.  This girl has got an amazing pedigree and is worth her weight in gold (as they say). She's got some good ones back there. Take a look at a few of these Hall of Fame horses "Impressive" "Three Bars" "Sonny Dee Bar" just to name a few.  

This foal has been in the works for a while now.  We had to work out whom we were going to pick to be the Dam.  When we purchased Sonny, we realized how nice of a horse she really was and is.  We knew at that point, she would be the mother of our Half Arabian foal.

Here he is, our Half Arabian Black & White Stud Colt "Cash to the Max"

HH Maximus

He has been bred to "JJ Cowgirl Cash". This will make for an amazing 2023 Homozygous Black, Tobiano half Arabian foal. 


Last Smoke N Dragon

38 Days in foal with a heartbeat. This foal will be a keeper!

This foal will be due between 

March 24th - April 8th 2024

This foal is a highly anticipated foal and one that will go far in the show ring.

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