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Lopin Good

Ima Zippo Good Bar x Wrap A Little Otoe
15.2hh - Red Roan - AQHA (soon APHA) 

  • Color & Panel Test in the Works

  • Wonderful mind & body

  • Hall of Fame bloodlines


Red as we call her is a very well mannered mare, never fusses over food or when she'll get attention.  When you're ready she will stick her head in her halter and basically dress herself. 

She can be a bit buddy sour sometimes, but it's not too often.

She may be older, but age is only a number. She's our keeper and wont be leaving us.. ever!

Red has her breeding stallions lined up for the next few years.  We still plan to keep riding her, but as she is older we are looking forward to what ever foals she may give us. 

Even after she can no longer have any foals. She will stay with us and become a babysitter for the young ones and a light riding trail horse.   Most of her foals will be keepers, specially if they're anything like her.

2023 Breeding To....

We're excited to announce the breeding of Lopin Good to Chex Out My Steps. These 2 amazing horses will create a beautiful foal.  Palomino for sure.

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