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Mr. Bilbo Baggins

ABHR - 13.2 Red Dun Pony

  • Gentle Personality

  • Loves People

  • Great Lesson Horse

Stud Fee: $500 LFG

~Live Cover Only @ this time

A bit about Mr. Bilbo Baggins The Pony:

Mr. Baggins stands 13.2 hands at the withers and is still an intact male horse/Stallion. He is a red dun Welsh Cob Section C Pony. You see when Mr. Baggins was purchased; we were not looking for another horse to add to the herd here at Viking Ranch. Something about this boy drew us to him. Though a Stallion that didn't bother us. After meeting him I (William Thatcher) was hooked. He was such a docile, quiet, unsure little guy. He was very much willing to learn. I couldn't say no to him. He was purchased and I think it was a great investment.


Personality: Mr. Baggins is lead line safe, knows how to ground drive, and rides though he needs a bit of work under saddle. He is easy to work with. Fun and a joy to be around. He has become a part of the lesson program here at Viking Ranch. He also doesn't have a care in the world on what you do with him. He is so willing to do whatever it is you ask of him.


Future Training: Would love to train this boy up to be a jumping pony. That is something that I will be doing once we get the basics down of saddle work. He will also be put to cart. He already has the fundamentals of ground driving under his belt. He really is a fantastic boy.

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