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Our Training Programs

Our training programs works with you as the owner and with your budget in mind. We know not everyone can afford training for their equine friend. We know its hard to come up with money like that, no matter how hard you're working towards it.

We offer payment plans and discounts for multiple months.  We know the price of feed is going up and we understand that you don't want to have to choose between feeding your friend and training.

Ground Work

Basic Groundwork - This month to month program has helped out a lot of people.  We know not everyone can get to the ground work. So we don't mind getting it done for you. This includes but is not limited to Leading and Tying manners, respecting your space, standing even if not tied, and desensitizing.

Every horse is trained to lunge on and off the line, learns full vocal commands. We will do this without and with them fully tacked up.

$800 Per Month
Colt Starting/Breaking to Ride

Colt Starting - This one is something we pride ourselves in.  We don't skimp on any details when it comes to getting them going under saddle.  We make sure they can do everything from the long lines which includes but not limited to stopping, turning, backing. They will know all the signals before anyone gets on their back. Each horse learns at a different speed, we can not guarantee any horse being broke within the first 30 days. 

$1,000 Per Month

Driving Training

Driving Training - We start from the ground up and verbal commands in the round pen before they get harnessed up. Not every horse makes a good driving horse, but we treat them all the same and make sure they all get the same training. 

They get exposure to everyday things like traffic and bikes, buses, and so on. They don't get put to the cart till we are fully confident of their ability to focus on the task at hand. 

$1,200 Per Month Horse/Draft

$650 Per Month Minis/Ponies

Halter Training & Conditioning

Halter Training & Conditioning - We start every halter horse out on a feed and supplements that will help them get and retain their nice glow & muscles. This is given during the full time they're in training. We don't just train them to stand in the ring, they are trained to trot and move with you as well as learn to watching their handler for patterns in showmanship and in-hand trail.

Doesn't matter if we're training an Arabian or Stock horse, they all get the same conditioning for the show ring. They will get the same supplements to help bring out their shine and glow. 

Most horse's can get fully halter trained with in 60 days. We train them all from Miniature horses to Draft horses.  

$1,000 Per Month Horse/Draft

$550 Per Month Minis/Ponies

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