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Lesson Program

Our lesson program comes in different levels and price points. We have 3 different levels to choose from which are "The Buckaroo" "The Hobbyist" & "Being a Pro".  

The Buckaroo Program is for ages 4 to 8 years old. It starts them off with brushing the horse and getting used to being around them and on their backs. It's one lesson a week which can be paid one at a time or for a full month, Each lesson last between 30 to 45 min.  -  $35.00 Each  or  $100 Per month

The Hobbyist Program is for anyone over the age of 8 that wants to really get into learning more about the horses and getting ready to compete if they want. These lessons can be once or twice a week as well as paid for a full month, Each lesson is an hour long.  $45 Each  or  $125 Per month 1x week  or  $250 per month 2x week

Being a Pro Program is for those that are ready to compete and want to hone in there skills. This program is for all ages, as we've seen some kids even want to do this. You can do as many lessons a week or month as you like, Each lesson is an hour long.  $55 Each  or  Multi lesson discount

Meet the Lesson Horses

All our lessons are one on one lessons unless otherwise requested.  We don't like having groups larger then 3 as it makes it harder for the person taking the lesson to get any attention on issues they might have. 


This wonderful Creamello mare is used for more of our advanced riders. Ones that have a bit more understanding on how to control the horse's feet.

We're pleased to have frost with us now. She has a great get up and go personality.  She wants to do something and she wants to do it now.  She is great for the ones wanting to do the Hobbyist or the Being a Pro. She stands 14.3 hands at the withers which makes her easy to mount from the ground for those that want to.


Frost's Likes: This mare loves being groomed and loved on, she loves carrots and horse cookies for her treats.


This beautiful Palomino mare is a true beginners horse. She will take the little ones around and do everything they ask. She has a very willing personality and loves human interaction. She's our go to horse for anyone's first time out or those that want to go on a trail ride. Sugar is one of those few horses we can use for any type or level of rider.

Sugar Likes: She loves to be groomed and brushed. Stroking her neck makes her fall asleep. She also really loves Carrots and peppermints.


This beautiful Paint gelding is on lease to us by a good friend. He is another one of our amazing lesson horses that loves to work. He can be used for beginners but her has a bit more go then whoa. Which means it would be better if you knew the basics to control a horse before jumping directly on him. He will be used for all levels of riding and training with our clients. 

Cowboy Likes: This boy is all business and wants to work. He loves the treats but is move of a working boy. He loves Apples, Carrots, and Peppermints.


Ruin is a 15.2 hand Perlino Quarter Horse. She is one that likes to keep you on your toe's. Great for the little bit more experienced beginners and up, she'll do barrels, poles, flat work, a little bit of everything. Ruin can teach you anything you'd like to know, she isn't lazy but she's not hyper. She will give you the energy you ask for without going overboard. 

She is meant for some of our "larger" riders as she is very heavy set and thick muscled.


Ruin Likes: This girl loves people and loves being groomed. She will also take a carrot and any type of horse cookie you might have. She's not picky.  

Mr. Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo, is most likely the calmest pony we've ever had. Nothing phases him. He's only 13.2 hands tall and he's a super cute Red Dun.  He can carry the older kids up to 150 pounds. He's a nice chunky boy that will teach anyone the ropes. He gets used for all levels of riding, but the ones that benefit from him the most are the beginners. He knows once the saddle goes on, it's all business.

Bilbo has been used for camps and our own personal lessons. 

Bilbo's Likes: He is a treat lover, honestly you could bring him anything and he'd take it. His favorite is molasses treats.

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