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A bit about Eden: Eden was born in Canada and our first import and investment into the Clydesdale breed. No, she may not be color wise what they look for in Clydesdale's, she is perfect for what we will be using her for.


Personality: Eden is friendly, wants your attention, wants to have a job to do. She is a very willing in your pocket type. She is everything you look for in a horse from willing to please and do everything you ask of her, even if it is on the slower side. You can sit on her, approach her when she is laying down.


Future Training: She will be trained for Dressage, Jousting, Mounted Archery, Driving, Packing, and shown in halter.


Future Breeding Goals: Eden is our second investment for getting into breeding half drafts. She will be the start of our Drum horses. This isn't for quite some time. Her training is more important. The breeding we have chosen for Eden we believe matches with her awesome personality.

Hill Toppers Star of Zeus

2021 - Bay Sabino - Imported Clydesdale

Covered Bridge Zeus x River Run Ester

  • Homozygous Sabino

  • Our 1st Import

  • 17 hh at only 2 years old

She arrived on the 24th of May 2022

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