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Deposits & Payments

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!
We require $300 deposit, unless otherwise noted or agreed upon.

We will hold said horse for up to 10 days on a deposit. After 10 days, the horse is up for grabs again and the deposit is no longer valid for the purchase of the horse. 

If you happen to purchase a horse on payments, each monthly payment must also include that months board for the horse.

No horse may be removed off the property while payments are being made.

Payments must be made on the agreed date or will be subject to a late fee.

Making an offer with respect.  Please do not contact us saying "I can't afford the horse, but I'll give it a great home."  Our horses we advertise are for sale, NOT on sale. They are not in need of a home, they have one. 

For Your Consideration


Jenny's Rock 'N Cash

AQHA (Papers not in hand) 

14.3 hh - 2010 Mare

  • Extremely Smart

  • Wants to work

  • Loves Attention

  • Clean health and legs



This wonderful mare was purchased as a lesson horse for our beginners. She's a great all around mare, she will do anything you ask her to do and then some. She's not a mare that likes to stand around all day.  She gets extremely bored when doing beginner lessons, she rather go out on the trail or do something fun. 

She has much more WHOA then go, we've only gotten her to canter once. Though we really don't need her to canter for beginners so we've never pressed the issue with her. 

If you want to do barrels or gymkhana's, Roach is NOT your horse. She's a very relaxed and easy going mare. Great for kids or people that have confidence to ride but don't want a lot of energy under their butt.

Roach, does have a minor roach to her back that does not affect her riding or how people sit on her. She has minor sickle hocking, but again doesn't seem to bother her in the least. She has been vetted and we're told she is completely sound for riding. 

Health Info

Teeth done on November 17th 2022

Vaccinations on April 5th 2022

Feet on November 5th 2022


Roach was used at Camp New Journey in the summer of 2022 as a lead line horse for the beginners. Some of the kids that rode her, had never seen a horse before. She did great being out in a new environment. 

This girl will stand tied all day and allow you to groom her, bath her and love on her. She stands for the farrier and is good about getting wormed. She loads into a trailer super easy and trailers like a pro. 


This amazing mare is worth every penny and worth your time to come see her.  

Video & Facebook page links below

Harley Quinzel

PtHA Pony Mare

13.2 hh - 2010 Bay Sabino/Splash



  • Amazing Color

  • Wants to work

  • Breeds and Foals super easy

  • Broke to Ride

  • Clean Legs & Health

  • InFoal for a PtHA foal in June 2023

$ 3500 w/o foal

$ 5500 with foal


Harley has a past that is shrouded in mystery. She was purchased from Bronco Barn and we were told she was a kids pony. Little did was know this was all lies. 

She's a nice mare, but needs some time to get to know you. She has endless amount of energy, if you wanted to make a nice jumping pony, she could do it. She is fully broke to ride, she need a confident rider and one that doesn't spook easy. Show her that you mean business and she will take you where you want to go. 

She has had two foals so far, one is a Pinto Colt that has sabino characteristics.  The other was a ILAHA registered filly that is almost a spitting image of her mom. Her foals always seem to get taller than her, but we've never bred her anything small. 


She is currently in foal to Last Smoke N Dragon for another 2023 foal. If you'd like to purchase Harley but not her foal, we can arrange that.

Harley's coloring makes her very sought after. To know she also passes it on to her foals is just icing on the cake. With her flash, pazzazz and energy, she'd make anyone a great show or trail horse along with an amazing producer of almost anything. Barrel ponies, hunter ponies, gymkhana ponies, you name it. 

She is not for beginners or anyone that is timid around horses. She needs a firm hand and a strong leader. 

She has not been ridden in at least 3 years. So she will need some refreshers on some things. We do not have a video of her right now, but will have one put together as soon as the weather clears up long enough to get one. No there will be no riding in the video since she is in foal. 

If you have any special request for her video, please let us know so we can make sure to get it for you.

Below are pictures of her first foal a Registered Half Andalusian Filly


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