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Deposits & Payments

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!
We require $300 deposit, unless otherwise noted or agreed upon.

We will hold said horse for up to 10 days on a deposit. After 10 days, the horse is up for grabs again and the deposit is no longer valid for the purchase of the horse. 

If you happen to purchase a horse on payments, each monthly payment must also include that months board for the horse.

No horse may be removed off the property while payments are being made.

Payments must be made on the agreed date or will be subject to a late fee.

Making an offer with respect.  Please do not contact us saying "I can't afford the horse, but I'll give it a great home."  Our horses we advertise are for sale, NOT on sale. They are not in need of a home, they have one. 

For Your Consideration

Harley Quinzel

PtHA Pony Mare

13.2 hh - 2010 Bay Sabino/Splash



  • Amazing Color

  • Wants to work

  • Breeds and Foals super easy

  • Broke to Ride

  • Clean Legs & Health

  • InFoal for a PtHA foal in June 2023




Saddlebred Quarter Horse Cross

15.1 hh - 2007 Chestnut

  • Wants to work

  • Loves people & attention

  • Easy keeper

  • Sound and healthy

  • Loves Trails

$4,000 OBO


Sooner is a wonderful gentleman that loves to have fun. He has a lot of "GO" but knows how to use it when asked. He was a trail horse and games horse when he was younger. Then he ended up sitting around and only being taken out on trail once in a while.  

When he came to us, we gave him the proper care he needed. Got his teeth and feet done and got working with him to be used by lesson kids. 

He's a great lesson horse if you need one that has good movement. He has a walk that has a purpose behind it and a trot that would put a lot of dressage horses to shame. 

Please don't let his age fool you, he acts as young as any of those other horses out there. He has plenty of years left on him and he knows it. He doesn't have any gray hair as of yet. 

He is completely sound and healthy, but like always we welcome a PPE on any of our horses that we have up for sale. 

He's up to date on everything as of right now. 

We have full video of him being ridden, the person riding him has never ridden or handled him before. She doesn't ride often and she doesn't canter horses she doesn't know as she had back surgery. 


Xaviers Nuevo Comienzo

Xavier Dorian Del Bravio x Harley Quinnzel  

14hh  -  2021 HZ Sabino

IALHA - Half Andalusian Filly

  • Micro-chipped

  • Homozygous Sabino

  • Extremely smart

$7500 PRICE DROP $3000

Meet Setara she is a 2021 IALHA half andalusian filly. She is microchipped through IALHA and has half andalusian papers. Setara knows everything a horse her age should know.

1. Leads
2. Loads
3. Bathes
4. Farriers
5. Ties
6. Lunges on and off a line

7. Stick and string work

Setara currently stands a little over 13.3 hands. Her Dam is only 13.2 hands where her Sire stands 16.2 hands. Her Dam is an unregistered Sabino Rabicano mare. Her Sire is a IALHA Andalusian. Setara herself is Sabino and she is getting roaning through her coat. Setara is sweet and in your pocket with the right people and sometimes a little untrusting of new people. She will let you hang out with her in her stalls, pick up her feet at liberty and allow you to groom her at liberty. I wasn't going to consider selling this awesome filly. I have NEW breeding goal in mind and she doesn't really fit the bill. She is not broke to ride due to her age.


She will be shown in halter classes only, due to her age. 

This amazing filly has had a Harness and lunging rig on her, she knows what a Girth is and how it feels on her. She is not dumb or numb in the brain, she is extremely smart and understands what you are trying to teach her. 

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