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2021 - Unregistered 100% Percheron

Amish bred

  • Mature over 18+ hands

  • Foundation Spanish Norman Dam

  • Wonderful temperament

A Bit About Ravenwood

This girl will be our star attraction for the Viking Ranch Jousting we will be doing in the next three years. She won't make it to the jousting games until she is of safe mature age via body and mind, for not only her safety, her wellbeing.


Personality: Ravenwood is very personable, extremely friendly with an outgoing personality. When she sees a human, her ears perk forward and she knickers. Expressing that she wants your attention. This girl is so passive that when she is laying down you are able to approach her and even sit on her. She has a very upfront in your pocket kind of mindset towards her training. If she does not get it, she still tries. She does have a bit of a stubborn streak that I believe will pass with maturity. Her training will come first!


Future Training: She will be trained for Dressage, Jousting, Mounted Archery, Driving, Packing, and shown in halter.


Future Breeding Goals: Ravenwood is our first investment for getting into breeding half drafts with spots. (Will be adding a second Percheron Filly soon.) She will also be the start for our Spanish Normandys, and pure Percherons. This isn't for quite some time. Her training is more important. The breeding we have chosen for Ravenwood we believe matches with her awesome personality.

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