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Harley Quinzel

13.2hh - PtHA - Bay Splash Sabino

  • Sabino Producer

  • PtHA Registered

  • Healthy & Correct Foals

Harley 2010 Grade 13.2 hand Quarter Pony Mare. We think her height is because she was stunted, her foals come out full size. Hey, we could be wrong! Harley is not a rescue. Harley was a project pony that we purchased from Bronco Barn. They were calling her Buttons. Harley was purchased because here at Viking Ranch we do riding lessons and I thought how cute, we need a pony. Knowing she was a project and had been ridden, w/t/c under saddle, just needed more consistency. She also needs to trust humans, and have a lot of desensitizing done too. Not sure she will ever make it to our lesson program. 

Breeding and her color: With her striking Rabicano/Sabino markings, she passes her color to her foals. That is a desirable trait we want here at Viking Ranch. (Will have her color tested soon.)

Personality as a broodmare: She is a very good broodmare, you are able to work with her foals. Maybe not in the full hands on approach as some might want. She has a bit of anxiety where she calls out constantly to the foals, making it more difficult to work with the foal without her beside the foal. Our way around that is to work with Harley and the foal in the same area until weaned. Harley's foals with us at Viking Ranch: On May 13, 2021 Harley put a beautiful correct filly on the ground by Xavier Dorian Del Bravio, our 2018 IALHA Andalusian Stallion. The filly's name is Xaviers Nuevo Comienzo, Setara for short. (She has an upcoming Last Smoke N Dragon foal for 2023. More info once this foal is born.)

Harley's Training: Harley needs a lot of work in this department. We found out rather quickly that she has a lot of trust issues and is very reactive (Some good, some not so good). She went from not being able to be tied and approached to finally being able to. She now picks up all four feet and can safely be farried where she would fight you before. She leads around nicely, if something bothered her she would rather take off than stay with you. This mare really lacks confidence, truth be told. She is however able to be bathed and groomed. You can blanket her with some extra work. You can put a fly mask on her, she has NEVER gotten over the sound of velcro. She is okay with most things if you go slow and at her pace, you go rushing anything and you lose her rather quickly. She loads into the horse trailer, she was started under saddle with w/t/c, nothing was ever finished with her, chose to breed her then work on her training as time goes on. She hasn't had too much done with her when it comes to saddle work. She is fairly easy to catch, easy to halter and unhalter. Doctoring injuries can be difficult. This mare just needs a lot of time, desensitizing, experience, patients, understanding, and more hands on approach. 

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