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Heavens Saint

Langfuhr-Saint Sammi x Saint Ballado

DOB: March 11th 2010

LTE  $57,528

  • Beauty

  • Size - 16.2hh

  • Personality

  • Elegancy

Varsha is a OTTB mare, she did amazing on the track. She became a lesson horse but didn't like the program she was in.  After the lesson program she became an awesome trail horse. Living the life of relaxation. She is now at our ranch to be used as a trail horse and possible a broodmares. 

We have big plans for her even with the age she is now. She feels more at home on the trail and in the gymkhana ring. We will be getting her back into shape for the gymkhanas for 2025. 

We have big plans for 2024 for the breeding year. We want to get her bred along with getting her in shape. 

We have our eye on a wonderful stallion that I have personally known since the day he was born.


We will be getting Varsha checked out and making sure she is fully functional and sound for breeding before we do anything else.  

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