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Comfort Level

Lass was not always comfortable with being up by the tack room or being hitched to the hitching rail. By hitched I mean looped/tied. (We never hard tie our horses.) She would become nervous, move around a lot when brought up to the tack room. I did not dare try to loop her around the hitching post at any time.

How did I get Lass over this? I will gladly tell you. By making her comfortable in an uncomfortable area. By doing things she was accustom to doing in her stall, in the round pen, out side of her stall, at the wash rack. By doing these things she started to settle little by little.

What was it that I did to help her? Read on to find out! All I did was bring Lass up to the tack room, I started with having her just walk up to the tack room to stand as quietly as she could which wasn't very quietly. She was constantly moving her feet. Trying to come over the top of me. (One thing is, remember this young mare is blind in her left eye, she can not see from it which makes new environments scary.) The second she settled a little I would take her under the tree to stand in the shade, then I would take her back up to the tack room, have someone hold her while I groomed her, picked up her feet to clean them out, fly spray her, and so on. Until she started to settle to where I could safely handle her to groom her, pick out her feet, fly spray her, etc.

Now she stands like a champ!

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