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Twisted Platinum Jaz

Platinum Rendezvous x Steel Pink

2023 - 15.1 hands - Smokey Cream Gulla

  • CR/cr

  • 2 Blue eyes

  • Homozygous Dun

One in a Million

This wonderful filly will be my main show horse as she has the build and athleticism to take us all the way. Being Homozygous Dun will also make her foals highly sought after as well. 

Future Plans

Our future plans for this filly are training for the NRHA and getting her to some big name shows, including Run for the Million and Reining by the Bay, just to name a few. 



We started showing this filly this year in some halter classes starting '24.

We will start with some basic schooling shows and see how she does. We show all our mares and always like to keep them doing something. We never want to let them get board or just stand around and have babies all the time, if we can help it.

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