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Shinequa Kiesha

Champions Gold Dust x LS our Precious Tulip

2010 - 15.2 hands - Buckskin Tovero

  • CR/cr

  • 2 Blue eyes

  • Sp1

One in a Million
Future Plans

This wonderful mare came to us from Washington State. She's a very loving mare with an attitude to work. She doesn't like to sit around and not do anything. 

We have plans to get her broke to ride and get her in the show ring. We want to make her our extreme trail horse. She's very sure footed and knows exactly where she places those big feet of hers. 

In 2023 we are planning to breed her to Last Smoke N Dragon. That foal will hopefully be part of our show stock. 

We believe these two will make a very nice cross with their color and conformation. They both have a willing mindset and a can-do personality. 


We're looking to show this wonderful mare in some halter classes starting Summer of '23.

We will start with some basic schooling shows and see how she does. 

We show all of our broodmares, it keeps them from getting bored and left in their stalls. 

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